| MBB/WBB đźĄŽ Fouts makes her return official.


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Don’t know if it’s the coach(es) or the players but they didn’t look like the same team down the stretch this season. They certainly didn’t look like the same team down the stretch as last season even though most of the roster remained intact. It’s hard to spin losing the this many top caliber players to the portal. I mean Bama loses the top 3,4 and 5 hitters from last season and a top pitcher. That’s a lot of roster to replace.


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Damn, now Bloodworth? I thought Lord was leaving because Bloodworth was going to be the #1 2B.

Interesting there are 3 upperclass and 3 freshmen. I think Woodard and Doerr are looking to be everyday starters and Kilfoyl to be #1 pitcher along with something going on with her injury. As for Lord, Bloodworth, and Goodnight anybody’s guess. They very well may see the flaws of this coaching staff and know there will be no changes, may not like the environment, may not get along with team mates, homesick, and etc.,etc., etc.
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