| FOOD Dunkin' adds cornbread donuts, donut holes to menu


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Coffee - mine

Donuts - Dutch Monkey in Cumming, GA

Cornbread - I agree with planomateo (shouldn't you call yourself Montana Matt now that you've moved?) - Not sweet! Basic cornbread using iron skillet, stick butter melted (half in pan, other in mix), 2 C WhiteLily buttermilk cornmeal mix, egg, cup or so of buttermilk...pinch of salt - maybe Tb sugar. 425 for 22 min. Perfect. Every. Time. Cut a wedge and put it in middle of a bowl - one scoop of beans on one side and one scoop of collards with pot liquor on the other. Now that's a balanced meal.
Make that Turnip Greens and you got a deal.
Best greens I've ever had at a meat and 3 establishment.
1654198351687.png....corner of Cedar St. and Vanderbilt Rd (Highway 79) in Tarrant. Right beside the ABC Coke plant.


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So, I know somebody who tried these (not online, like actually know). They like sweet cornbread sometimes so it was a great match for them. They didn't care for them. They said it was basically a regular cake donut with some cornmeal in it. So it tasted almost entirely unlike cornbread, but not 100% like a regular cake donut. Luckily they didn't pay for them as their job brought them in.
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