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@TerryP that tweet doesn't reach many people. Sheeples
Most Americans don't tweet

I quit Twitter when they banned the president
I look at Twitter in the same light as I do articles from AL.com. You'll see a lot that will say "I won't give AL.com the clicks" when discussing articles. What's a click going to matter? While Twitter doesn't reflect but a small section of society it's still a go to for the latest news: it hits Twitter long before the regular news outlets. In a sense, it's on the same level as a lot of your message forums like this one: the news hits here before you see it on AL.com, or your ESPN's.


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I am not going to attempt to sway anyone any longer with anything that I’ve read or watched. If I get it, I’ll raise hell for other treatments or take my chances but I will not get jabbed.
I hope you don't think I was trying to get anyone to get jabbed. I think it up to the the person to do what is right to them.


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I've had a heat stroke about 2 years ago and most of those symptoms I deal with every day except for loss of smell. I had to exercise a lot to get back to normal walking
Still shakey some mornings but I did get the jab. My doctor said if I have the jab and get covid I should have easier time with it.

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Israel is the most vax’d country with a good portion having had their 3rd jab. Already calls for a 4th and their passport system is rigid. Oddly enough……Phizer got a solitary deal with them, none of the others are used. What doesn’t surprise is that ”break through” cases continue to climb.

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I love the fact they ignore that exactly one-half of all states had more deaths than births, regardless of vaccination status.


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