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Alabama will travel to Austin, Texas to take on the Longhorns in a Week 2 matchup that will surely grab the attention of most of the nation.

While this contest is worthy of a night-time start, Fox Sports has the broadcasting rights to the game and features their primetime game at noon EDT. The Crimson Tide and Longorns will begin play at 11:00 a.m. CDT.

This means that fans at the game and in Tuscaloosa will have to say ‘good morning’ when the first quarter starts. That doesn’t seem right.

Roll Tide Wire’s own Sam Murphy shared five reasons as to why the game should be scheduled later on in the day. In fact, Texas fans took it upon themselves to start a petition, which got plenty of signatures, to move the game into the evening.

Well, it has officially been announced as a noon EDT start time, per Alabama football on Twitter.

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