Regions Bank ATM’s are located in the following locations:
    • North Upper NN7
    • West Lower Gate 15
    • East Lower Gate 38

    BAG SEARCHES (see also Prohibited Items)

    Only small personal bags (purses, baby or diaper bags, etc.) will be permitted inside Bryant-Denny Stadium and are subject to search at all entrances. Bag size must be no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches. Please leave all unnecessary items in your vehicle or at home. Prohibited items must be returned to your vehicle or discarded. Staff may not store or hold items for you until postgame. Patrons who refuse to allow visual inspections of contents of bags or purses will be denied entry to the stadium.


    1. Admittance:
    • West – U2 level through Gate 14 Elevator or Public Elevator at Gate 6
    • North – N-1 through N-8, Gates 4 and 45
    • North – NN level, Elevator Gate 3
    • East - Elevators at Gate 32 (U4 level) or Gate 42 (U1 level)
    • South – S-8, A at Gate 19
    • South/Student – AA, S-1 through S-7 Student Gate 35
    2. Handicapped Parking:
    Handicapped parking is located in the Wallace Wade Lot, Communications Lot and Calvary Baptist Lot 1 for patrons in wheelchairs. Patrons who do not have wheelchairs, but have handicap placards will be directed to the Campus Drive parking deck. There is a fee to park in the Campus Drive deck.
    3. Disability Shuttle Services:
    The disability shuttle begins operation three (3) hours prior to kick-off. This shuttle provides roundtrip service from the Campus Drive parking deck transporting patrons to the Denny Court lot on the west side of Bryant Denny Stadium. This service is available free of charge. Please visit www.uagameday.com for further information.
    4. Handicapped Ticket Exchange:
    There may be patrons who show up on game day who are handicapped, but have tickets for a normal seat. In these instances, patrons should be directed to GATE 3 or GATE 32 for ticket exchange. They will be given a handicap accessible seat in exchange for their normal ticket.
    5. Spiral Shuttle Service:
    A shuttle service is provided for handicapped patrons on the EAST spirals of Bryant-Denny Stadium (GATES 29, 46) who have EAST U1 and U4 level tickets.
    6. Facilities:
    • Restrooms and concession stands are wheelchair accessible.
    • Family restrooms are available on each concourse.


    EMS 205-348-3703
    Facility Hotline 205-348-5620


    All gates listed below open two and a half (2 ½) hours before kick-off.
    GATE 1 – The Zone and North Skyboxes
    GATE 24 – South Skyboxes
    GATE 26 – South Zone
    GATE 27 – Stadium Club
    GATE 30 – High Tide Student Entrance
    GATE 31 – Students
    GATE 32 – East Skyboxes
    GATE 35 – Student Athletes, students with disabilities
    GATE 42 – Elevator to East Skyboxes
    All gates listed below open to the general public two hours (2) before kick-off.
    NORTH GATES 2, 4, 5, 6, 45, 46, 48
    EAST GATES 33, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 43
    WEST GATES 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19
    SOUTH GATES 21, 23, 25, 29,
    All gates listed below are the best way to get to the visiting team sections.
    GATE 20 – Visitor Team Entrance
    GATES 40 – Visitor Player Pass Lower Level (Sections LL, MM, NN)
    GATE 46 – U4 (Sections QQ, RR)
    GATES 2, 5, 46, 48 – NN Level


    Bryant-Denny Stadium:
    A. Lost and found articles can be picked up at GATE 19.
    B. Lost children can be picked up at the First-Aid Room inside GATE 9.


    For all your parking needs, visit www.uagameday.com.


    The following items are NOT permitted in Alabama ATHLETIC FACILITIES:
    A. Oversized Bags over 8 ½ x 11(back packs, oversize purses, etc.)
    B. Bottles, cans, thermoses
    C. Chair backs LARGER than a single seat (16 inches)
    D. Food containers and coolers
    E. Ice bags, ice chests
    F. Laser pointers
    G. Artificial noisemakers (bells, horns, whistles, cow bells, etc.)
    H. Outside food and drink
    I. Strollers
    J. Umbrellas
    K. Video recorders or camcorders
    L. Computers
    M. Cameras with telephoto lenses over 6 inches long


    Bryant-Denny Stadium has 2 public elevators:
    Gate 6 public elevator – gives easy access to the U2 level on the West side (patrons may walk up or down one level on spiral to get to seats on U1 and U3 levels)
    Gate 43 public elevator – gives access to the east and NN levels (patrons must get off on the U3 level and walk up the spiral half a rotation to access U4 and NN levels)
    *Proper ticket is required to use public elevators.*


    For customer service please visit the booths located inside gates 6, 14, 35, U4 level concourse (between HH & JJ), and U4 level concourse (between CC & DD). The Customer Service phone number is 1-800-510-5614.


    In accordance with University of Alabama and SEC policy, once a guest leaves the facility, they will not be permitted back in. This applies to every ticket holder.


    A. The ticket office opens at Bryant-Denny Stadium 3 hours prior to kick-off.
    B. The University of Alabama is not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets. This includes tickets that are left at home on game day.
    C. Every person entering the facility must have a ticket, regardless of age. This includes infants.
    D. The University of Alabama reserves the right to change the date, opponent and start time of any game. These changes will not entitle the ticket holder to a refund. All changes will be announced through local media and on RollTide.com.
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